Saturday, May 24, 2008

The assassin's bullet

I think it's a good sign if Hillary Clinton subliminally realizes that the only way she is going to get the nomination is if Barack Obama is assassinated. Let's just hope there are no moles in the Secret Service.

Update I: Clinton has been going on for months about how she would be the stronger candidate against McCain, despite poll after poll indicating that Obama would do just as well if not better in such a matchup. Even in California, where Clinton won the primary, times have clearly changed: A Los Angeles Times/KTLA-TV poll reported today indicates that both Obama and Clinton would beat McCain in the state, but Obama by a greater margin. As wiser bloggers than I have suggested, it's time for the superdelegates and Democratic Party leaders to put an end to this, and I think they will quite soon.

Update II: Some similar thoughts today from Marc Cooper, plus a nice long list of Clinton's excuses for why she is losing.

Sunday Update: I'm not a big Maureen Dowd fan (although her "Obambi" nickname for Obama will go down as a great classic) but she hits the nail on the head today on Clinton's fantasies about how she could still become the nominee. And the always great Frank Rich outdoes himself today in eloquence and perceptiveness as he links the revival of "South Pacific," and the emotional response audiences are having to it, with our present-day agonies over war, race, and the hopes for national redemption.

Photo: Abbie Rowe/JFK Library

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