Monday, May 12, 2008

Future waves

I've been teaching journalism at Boston University this past semester, which has been a terrific experience, not least because I have had a great deal of contact with young adults just starting out in their lives and careers. Today the "BU Today" Web site posted the first in a series of short videos with graduating seniors. This one features a couple who met the week before their very first classes at BU and have been together ever since. I think it is worth watching, if nothing more than as a reminder to those of us a little further along in life of the hopes and enthusiasm with which so many young people start off. Is it too much to hope that these two will not end up as cynical about life in America as many of us more seasoned folks have?

On that note: Regular readers of this blog will notice that the Hillary Deathwatch widget is now gone. That's because the Hillary Deathwatch is now over, and the McCain Deathwatch has begun.

Update: The Huffington Post today has two interesting posts on the Clinton-Obama campaign, one from the always interesting Barbara Ehrenreich about Hillary's taking feminism in the wrong direction and the other from Robert Creamer giving 10 reasons why Obama beat Clinton. Check it out.

Photo: Jochen Dieckfoss

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Anne Gilbert said...

All I can say is, I have always liked the "feel" of Obama a lot better than that of Hillary. I am at pains to point out that I'm the "demographic" that is supposed to be a Hillary supporter. And I never was.
Anne G