Sunday, May 4, 2008

Jazz for a lazy day

I'm spending this rainy Sunday morning in Boston correcting my students' final papers, while listening to Ken Laster's fabulous weekly jazz podcast "In the Groove, Jazz and Beyond." I've got Ken's program in my blogroll, but I hope all jazz lovers will check out his show (a weekly radio broadcast from WHUS-FM in Storrs, Connecticut) which is one of the best in the business. This week's edition is about 75 minutes long, and that's more than an hour of blissful paradise for those like me for whom jazz is a transcendental experience. I just hope the good vibes won't make me too soft on my students, although fortunately most of them did excellent work! I will write about the joys of teaching in some future post, but meanwhile fire up your iPods and subscribe to Ken's show--you won't regret it.


Ken said...

I saw a couple of referrals from this web page to my In the Groove Podcast, so I checked out your blog. Thanks for the kind words regarding my podcast. Glad you enjoy my show. Besides your appreciation of jazz music, we also share identical political points of view.

Ken Laster

Michael Balter said...

Great to hear from you, Ken, and very happy to know that I have sent some jazz lovers your way.

The politics is good too!