Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A pander too far

The returns from Indiana are not fully in yet, but that race clearly will be very close--while Obama racks up a nice pile of new delegates from his convincing victory in North Carolina. How to express my joy that Americans have seen through the pandering of the Clinton campaign, particularly on the McCain-Clinton gas tax relief program? And such a result despite weeks of all Reverend Wright, all the time campaigning on behalf of Clinton by the mainstream media (especially the networks and cable TV) can just restore one's faith in the American people and their ability to wake up and smell the coffee. Sorry for the cliches; more sober reflection in the morning.

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Anne Gilbert said...

I certainly agree that Hillary Clinton and her managers have done everything possible to appeal to the basest instincts of certain segments of the population. And some of the people who are doing this, call themselves feminists(they must have a woman in the White House at all costs).

But I don't think it's going to be so easy for Obama to just sweep Hillary Clinton away. I am waiting for the results to completely come in in Indiana, where Hillary thinks she has a good shot(and she may have). Obama has won himself a nice rack of delegates(and possibly superdelegates) in North Carolina, but unless he really sweeps Indiana, I think Hillary will fight harder and dirtier, all the way to the Democratic Convention.
And if he doesn't --- IOW if it's very close --- while Obama will still walk away with most of the delegates, he won't quite have enough delegates to win the nomination without a Democratic Convention fight of some kind. So Hillary will probably fight on, and on, and on.
Anne G