Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ancient Egypt, 100 years ago

One of the most fascinating archaeology blogs, in large part because it stretches the boundaries of that discipline, is Colleen Morgan's Middle Savagery. Colleen is a graduate student at the University of California, Berkeley, who has worked at Neolithic Catalhoyuk (subject of my book "The Goddess and the Bull") and many other sites.

In her latest post, Colleen tells us that the Brooklyn Museum has begun uploading its old lantern slide collection onto the flickr photo-sharing site, including some old photos taken in Egypt. I have swiped one of the images she features to illustrate this post, but do check out Colleen's blog as well as the Brooklyn Museum images.

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Woody said...

It's interesting to see the sites before they were "cleaned up" for the tourists. Nice set of photos.