Sunday, June 8, 2008

John McCain, orator

It is amusing to see even conservative commentators having to admit that McCain's oratorical powers are minimal. Sometimes that is a symptom of having nothing new to say. This video montage was put together by the folks at Talking Points Memo.

News Update: The BBC reports that one of its journalists in Afghanistan, Abdul Samad Rohani, has been found shot dead after being abducted Saturday. Without the incredible courage of journalists serving in Afghanistan and Iraq, citizens all over the world would be completely in the dark about the wars in those two countries--which is just what the Bush administration, and at times the British government as well, has tried to achieve the past several years. The BBC report adds:

It was the second death of a BBC journalist over the weekend.

Gunmen in Kismayo, southern Somalia, killed Nasteh Dahir, who worked for the BBC and the Associated Press news agency, on Saturday.

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GM Roper said...

Michael, it WAS a lousy speech. On the other hand, Bush is also a lousy speaker and beat both excellent speakers Gore and Kerry.

Pretty good speaker Eisenhower beat Stevenson who was a gifted speaker. and LBJ who was mediocre at best beat Goldwater who could charm scales off of a rattlesnake.