Saturday, July 5, 2008

Video: The liberation of Ingrid Betancourt and fellow hostages

Fascinating to watch. According to a France24 news service report:

The video of FARC rebels benignly handing over the 15 hostages to disguised Colombian commandos was released to counter questions about the military's dramatic and bloodless coup, Defense Minister Juan Manuel Santos said.

The video shows the unarmed, disguised Colombian commandos binding the hands of the hostages with plastic cuffs, as one hostage, a Colombian soldier, angrily scolds the fake guerrillas for his treatment.

Once aboard the disguised military helicopter, the video shows Betancourt and others reacting in surprise and breaking out in tears after the cuffs were removed and the soldiers revealed themselves.


Santos said the video was taken by a Colombian soldier posing as a journalist accompanying the supposed transfer operation. They said he was there to distract FARC leaders on the ground by interviewing them.

He noted that reporters had accompanied the hostage handovers arranged by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez earlier this year.


Anonymous said...

I think this is a miracle upon getting freed in 6 years, 4 months and 9 days! Colombia army carried out successfully the operation to liberate hostages like other similar operations. Congrat's Colombia!
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Michael Balter said...

Thanks for visiting here, Selim, and everyone should check out his blog from Istanbul: