Thursday, August 14, 2008

Blogging from Devon

For the next several days I will be blogging (maybe not quite so often, however) from Devon, England, where I am on a semi-vacation. Until I get out and take some photos (assuming that the rain stops) here is a generic photo of this beautiful corner of the world.

Back soon...


Joseph Caputo said...

Bloggers deserve a break and regular hours. I think after doing it for a few months, every blogger, legally, should have to isolate themselves from the Internet for at least a week. Too bad the act is so addicting! Hope you have fun on your vacation.

Michael Balter said...

Thanks Joe, for those words of solidarity from a fellow blogger. Fun is being had, but still getting some blogging done as you can see. Hope to have a few photos of Devon up soon if it stops raining, this is England after all!

Andrew Hunt said...

Have a great vacation, Michael! You deserve it. I just returned from a week at the cottage on the shores of Lake Huron with my kids. It was a blast. We all need a little time away to restore our sanity. Keep up the great work!

Checking in every day,