Thursday, August 7, 2008

Will President Obama tell us the truth about UFOs?

The wife and I were working late at home this evening, so for a little background entertainment we were watching episodes of "The X-files." In the last one to air Mulder and Scully had to deal with a boyfriend and girlfriend who were abducted by aliens. Scully was of course skeptical, but Mulder believed the kids--and of course he turned out to be right.

This reminded me that since the government has been covering up the truth about UFOs for some 60 years, every president during that time should have been briefed about the extraterrestrials who have been visiting our world--although according to this authoritative UFO Web site, rogue military and intelligence officials kept President Jimmy Carter in the dark. Nevertheless, according to this same source, President Dwight Eisenhower had a meeting with the aliens in 1954, and I think it likely that Bill Clinton would have insisted on seeing the full case file on this well-kept secret (although not kept well enough to prevent some 80% of Americans from thinking that the government is hiding what it knows.)

At any rate, I think that all truth-seeking citizens should insist that Barack Obama, if he is elected president, put an end to this official secrecy and open the government files on UFOs. Yes, not so long ago this knowledge would have created a major panic, which is why succeeding governments, in their misguided concern for public safety and security, have kept it from us. But the country has changed, Americans are more mature, and they are ready to face whatever the universe can throw at them.

Indeed, I think that Obama should make full disclosure about UFOs a key plank in his campaign, which would really put McCain on the spot. If he hesitates just a bit, it will be clear that he is trying to hide something.

Barack Obama: May the force be with him!


Anonymous said...

Both candidates have spoken about most likely attacking Iran and/or Afganhistan.
As a European I'd suggest you all vote for neither.
Bring an honest man to the White House. There's enough evidence that shows neither candidate is a positive change for America.
I just hope I'm terribly wrong.

Roel Poelwijk
The Netherlands

GM Roper said...

As an American, I'd suggest that Mr. Poelwijk take the log out of his eye before complaining about the mote in ours.

marcus33cz said...

I think not all presidents know/knew the truth about UFOs. There are more credible people and I think that e.g. Dick Cheney knows much more about this subject than G.W. Bush... And if the new president was told the truth, then he must have been crazy to tell it to the public.

Blog17 said...