Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Don't duck the debate, Barack!

McCain is trying to make a sucker out of you, call his bluff. This is a cheap political stunt, the country needs this debate badly and you should say so.

Photo: AP.

Update: Obama's response was brilliant, and even subtly but skillfully played the age card: “This is exactly the time when people need to hear from the candidates...Part of the president’s job is to deal with more than one thing at once. In my mind it’s more important than ever.”

No late papers accepted, McCain! So says my fellow journalism prof Marc Cooper.

Prosecutorial misconduct at Guantanamo... has led a prosecutor to quit, CNN reports. Read the whole story for yet more insights into the railroading of detainees.

And abuse at Bagram. The BBC interviews Afghan journalist Jawed Ahmad, who was held at the U.S. base for nearly a year and recently released.


terryt said...

My first reaction when the news first reached here was that McCain was afraid of having the debate, and was looking for an excuse to back out. I presume I'm not the only one to have come to that conclusion.

Anne Gilbert said...

Well, I think that McCain wants to avoid any debates because, from the sound of it, he's just floundering around at this point. He isn't so much afraid, as he has absolutely no idea what he's doing.
Anne G