Monday, September 8, 2008

The "L" word, and not a moment too soon

This new ad from the Obama campaign directly accuses McCain and Palin of "lying" about their records. I had to play it twice to make sure I was hearing right. This is the kind of aggressive counterattack so many of us have waiting for.


Richard said...

John McCain is only 5'7" high, and has been fighting aggressively from this viewpoint since he was a child.

Do we really need an over-pugnacious midget as US president?

If every blogger referred to him from here on as 'little john' we mght even have a chance of getting someone better.

I speak from the experience of once having a very good friend who had the same problem. He over-compensated hugely, qualified as a pilot at age 18, and killed himself in a plane crash shortly after. McCain didn't, although he tried, five times.

Anne Gilbert said...

That assumes that being on the short side is somehow "bad".  I'm a "shorty" myself, and I don't think I overompensate for anything; I'm actually a rather cautious person.  That said, I don't think McCain's height is really his problem.  Among other things, it's his decision to cave in to the religious far right, just to get himself elected. He doesn't seem to have any real policies on anything, and about all he has consistently done is mentioned that he was a POW in Vietnam over the years(oddly enough, the Vietmamese favor him for prsident).