Thursday, September 25, 2008

McCain clown show

Okay, let's see if I have this right. John McCain suddenly realizes the financial crisis is an emergency and announces the suspension of his campaign and says he won't show up at the Friday night debate in Mississippi unless the bailout bill is finalized beforehand. But instead of jumping on a plane to Washington to lead Congress and show us all the way, he cancels a taping of the David Letterman show, lies to Letterman about the reason, and then gets made up for an interview with Katie Couric instead (I'm not bothering to provide links because you should know all this already.)

Then, he stays in New York this morning for various other events, and finally gets to Washington about noon today, just in time to, um--no, he's too late! Congressional leaders have already come to a deal with the Bush administration, and they did it without him! If only he had gotten there in time. Well, no worries, still time to meet with President Bush in the White House and smile presidentially for the cameras on the White House lawn or wherever.

Or whatever. And these people call themselves patriots? Pulling one stunt after another on the American people with so much at stake, now and for the future? First Sarah Palin, and now trying to postpone the debate (and also the vice-presidential debate), but the plan didn't work. McCain has to slink back to Mississippi and face off with the next president of the United States, Barack Obama. Nice try, though.

Update: Well, I spoke too soon about Congress reaching an agreement, but I spoke correctly about McCain not contributing much to a resolution of the crisis. Read this analysis from the New York Times about McCain's failure to take any leadership role once he got to Washington, paralyzed between conservative and moderate factions of his own party.

War between the U.S. and Pakistan? Exchanges of fire, anyway. That's what the inept Bush administration strategy in Afghanistan has led to. Let's hope the Obama administration doesn't fall into the same trap.


terryt said...

If the whole thing wasn't so tragic for ordinary people I'd find the debacle extremely amusing. After all we've been lectured for years on how "the free market" is the most efficient economy. In fact I'm sure we've all heard the mantra that government interference holds back the activity of "the market". If that's really so how come the US taxpayer is being asked, by the government, to bail it out? Totally inappropriate in a free market.

I look forward to hearing all these neo-right economists publicly retracting their earlier public comments. Yeh, right. It certainly marks the demise of the free market but I'm sure we'll still hear the old cliches, dating back to the mid 19th century.

GM Roper said...

There are those who can make the argument that the CRA is the culpret here, and I'm not sure that I disagree.

Michael, I enjoy your blog, I don't see the nastiness that is over at Marc's and that is a refreshing quality indeed.

Michael Balter said...

Thanks GM, and it's good to hear from you, drop in anytime.