Monday, October 13, 2008

The man behind the bullshit about Obama

The New York Times has an important story today about Andy Martin, an apparently unbalanced anti-Semite who nevertheless has managed, beginning in 2004, to convince at least 10% of the nation that Obama is a Muslim. Martin's claims were recently featured without challenge in a Fox News documentary, which takes the situation to a new low and makes the Times story vital. Readers of this blog should do everything they can to get it into the hands of undecided voters.

I suppose it would be hopelessly idealistic to ask, "So what if Obama were a Muslim?" Would that disqualify him from office, or make him a terrorist? Obviously some people think so, which puts Obama supporters in the unenviable position of having to deny something which would be no shame to begin with.

Aren't you looking forward to this election being over? I know I am. Then we can get on to the task of bringing out the best in Americans instead of the worst.

Photo: Andy Martin/New York Times

Change of heart: George Packer's "Interesting Times" blog features the story of an Ohio Republican who has just early-voted for Obama. It makes encouraging, and of course interesting, reading.

Economy cratering, so is McCain: The latest ABC News/Washington Post poll gives Obama an almost insurmountable lead over McCain (with thanks to Marc Cooper's blog for flagging it.)

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