Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas reading list

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ahmed said...

Tai Nahisi Coates

"So predictable to see Joe the Plumber now attacking McCain for not defending Palin--even when he's defended her at every turn. Nativisim is about eating all the natives--even the nativist natives. The same lynch-mobs that showed up to McCain's rallies would have strung him up in a second. People often compared Obama's crowds to McCain's. The real difference is McCain's crowds, at the end, weren't there to support him--they were there because they believed Obama was a Muslim. Obama didn't draw 70,000 people who hated McCain, he drew 70,000 people who--mock them if you want--loved him. McCain's mob never loved him, they just hated a specter of the dude he was running against. Joe the Plumber has always been that rambling fool at the end of the bar. But McCain gave the fool a platform. How fitting that he's using it to now spit on McCain. "