Sunday, December 14, 2008

If the shoe fits, wear it

Here is the video, courtesy of the BBC. I have to admit that Bush showed good ducking reactions and kept his cool. Of course, it's not his life that has been ruined by the war in Iraq.

Photo: Saul Loeb/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Update: Ah, I found an embeddable version of the video:

Update: The shoe-thrower, Muntader al-Zaidi--who, because he is a journalist, I am obliged to call my colleague--has become a hero in the Muslim world. No surprises there.

Hit Bush with a shoe game (from Norway.) I recommend setting vinkel at 10 and stryke at 50 (with thanks to RP.)


Andrew Hunt said...

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but if you watch that footage very carefully, it almost seems like Old Dubya saw that shoe coming. Maybe someone tipped him off? Or maybe it was just that mysterious sock on the grassy knoll?

Anne Gilbert said...


Apparently Mr. Zaidi had some plans to "show Bush", that he announced over a year ago. Bush may even have known(if he even cared) that there were threats against him, and he must have known that he would face at least some opposition to his presence there. But that doesn't add up to knowing that this journalist was going to throw shoes at him. Judging by the video, I have a feeling that Mr. Zaidi was planning something but the act itself was more or less spontaneous.
Anne G

terryt said...

When he stood up to throw the shoes he would have caught Bush's eye so the ducking response is not at all surprising.

Mark said...
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Michael Balter said...

I think Andrew might have been kidding, at least partly, but I will leave it to him to clarify his remarks!

I still give Bush high marks for good reflexes. It's one thing to know you have to duck, another to duck just at the right moment. And all that while keeping that idiotic smirk on this face. Small men are often talented in small things (and by small I don't mean his size.)

Andrew Hunt said...

Michael's right: I was joking. I don't think Bush really saw that shoe coming. But the dark side of this story, which isn't a joke, is that al-Zaidi has suffered severe beatings in police custody. Hopefully, with Bush out of the White House, Obama will press for reforms to create a more democratic Iraq where these sorts of abuses are less commonplace.

terryt said...

I was amused to hear that some Iraqis believe al-Zaidi deserves to be in jail: he missed.