Saturday, January 17, 2009

Palestinian doctor's daughters killed by Israeli attack while he is being interviewed on Israeli television

More about the Palestinian doctor. From the New York Times, the story of Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish.

And more about this heartbreaking tragedy from Scott MacLeod on Time magazine's Middle East Blog. One of the doctor's daughters, Bisan, 20, was a business student who had participated in a peace camp with Israeli youth in the U.S. MacLeod quotes the doctor: "I turn to all of you, to the entire world, so you know that my children were the ultimate price, and I don't want anyone to taste what I suffered. I want them to be the ultimate price for a ceasefire, that's what I want. The Israeli government should tell the truth. I want my children to be the victims of peace…I am armed with love and peace. This is what I'm armed with. My children were armed with love and peace." Thanks to LP for the heads up on this item.

Questions and answers about Gaza. From Stephen R. Shalom, who teaches teaches political science at William Paterson University in New Jersey.

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Anne Gilbert said...

This is so incredibly sad. The doctor was apparently a peace activist of sorts, and so was his oldest daughter. His own grief made me cry. Then I saw that ab/bsolutely disgusting video of the Israeli woman screaming at him! Don't Israelis have children, too? What would that mother be feeling now had it been she who lost her daughters? I don't know, but I'm cheered to find that at leassome
Israelis understood how the man felt, and did their best to try to share his grief at this horrible tragedy.
Anne G

p.s. I've been getting my news about the dreadful situation that is Gaza from al-Jazeera and the BBC,who are at least reporting something other than propaganda from there.