Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The news media and the war in Gaza

I'm still on a break until Wednesday, when I hope to be back in blogging action, so in the meantime please read this interesting interview with Robert Fisk--one of the few credible Western reporters in the Middle East--about the pathetic role of the Western media in reporting on Israel's recent assault on Gaza.

Also, many of you have probably read or heard that Amnesty International is calling for a suspension on arm sales to both sides of the conflict and a suspension of American military aid to Israel. Sounds like a great idea, but one that will obviously be way premature in the eyes of the Obama administration.

Photo: Robert Fisk.

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Richard said...

1 - Bobby Fisk has been around so long in the Middle East that he's just about as relevant now as the 'Peace Process'. He's a very good man, but he's getting tired and worn out.
For the real story on Gaza, see: by a very brave lady who's been there throughout the carnage.

2- Amnesty Internaional, like any person on earth with any sense, can call for a weapons boycott on Israel for ever, but will get nowhere. US politicians, the only people who can stop it, have been bought.

See this photo:

showing Obama doing his bit for 'Israel'.

At least Fisky does say:

"So when you hear the Israelis say the terrorists are firing rockets into Israel, the Palestinians in Gaza can say in many cases, 'Well, my grandson is firing a rocket at my town because before 1948 these areas would have been Palestinian property.'