Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Courage to Resist

As we all know by now, the Bush administration lied the United States into a war of choice in Iraq. Many Americans were hoodwinked into believing the lies, but many were not. Among them are young men and women who refused to go to Iraq, some of whom now seek refuge in Canada.

The organization Courage to Resist has news of the impending deportation from Canada of Kimberly Rivera, one of those war resisters. Here is a little of her story:

Kimberly was the first woman service member to seek refuge through the Canadian government. In January of 2007, while home from an Iraqi deployment she decided she could no longer, in good conscience, participate in the war and occupation taking place in Iraq. At that point she went to Canada with her husband and two young children. In November of 2008, the family grew when Kimberly had a new daughter, Canadian-born Katie.

Please check out the link and lend your support. And when these resisters do come home, let's be sure that the administration of President Barack Obama--who was among the first to see the war in Iraq for what it really was--drops any desertion charges against them.

Photo: Kimberly Rivera

The real AIG scandal. Read it and weep, at Slate. And what about the sacrificing auto workers, asks Tim Rutten at the Los Angeles Times? And how about perp walks instead of bonuses, suggests Robert Scheer on Truthdig.

Conservatives say racism is over. Okay, so we elect one half-Black guy to do the hardest job in the country and these bozos think we can forget the last 400 years. LOL!


Richard said...

Goldman Sachs is an inviolate capitalist icon.

Paulson was the top GS executive.

AIG - .... in exchange for the government's initial assistance to AIG, Henry Paulson insisted that chief executive Robert Willumstad step aside, only to be replaced by a former director at Goldman Sachs, Edward Liddy

As for Geithner...
This is networking between a central banker and the heads of the capital-hungry investment firms over which he holds sway. You might argue that Geithner’s relationship to his charges is even closer than the typical regulator’s. No other regulatory agency is in a position to loan crucial billions to the entities it monitors.

Andrew Hunt said...

Re: Conservatives and Racism... What a ridiculous notion -- that racism is over. It's a typical conservative point of view. Most of them back McCain, then have the audacity to say that racism is over. If the day ever comes that we do cross the finish line and racism becomes a total thing of the past, it will be no thanks to any of them. In fact, it will be in spite of them.