Sunday, April 5, 2009

Delhi: last day

I am off to Hyderabad tomorrow, so had my final swing through Delhi today. The photos you see are a view from a rickshaw in old Delhi; a "yes there are cows on the streets" photo, although the city authorities are trying to get rid of them because they have caused too many accidents (the Hindustan Times today carried a story about twin brothers who were killed when they swerved to avoid a cow and got crushed under a bus); a visit to Ghandi's cremation place and the eternal flame (set in the middle of broad, beautiful gardens); a "yes there are elephants on the street" photo; and the Baha'i Temple in Delhi (with a view of people lining up to store their shoes and then lining up again to retrieve them, which takes most of the time at least when you visit on a Sunday.)

I've also had a number of political discussions with Indians from various walks of life. Everyone is very worried about the rash of terrorist incidents in Pakistan, which as you know spilled over into India during the terrible attack on Mumbai. Indians are broadly concerned about all of the aid Barack Obama is now giving to Pakistan, arguing that the billions the USA has already given has only led to more terrorism rather than less. I will leave the discussion there for the moment...

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rajeev raman said...

I'm not aggry with others Indian regarding aid to pakistan. Obama should also try to change the mind set of Pakistanis and Afgan people. If American are developed (as their perception)they have duty to make people educated, tolerant and civilized and if they fail in doing so they have to face its consiquences.