Saturday, April 18, 2009

Free Roxana Saberi!

Yet another journalist is jailed for doing their job, this time in Iran. A solidarity site can be found here, and I will post anything else I find about other support activities.

Granting anonymity to "sources." Glenn Greenwald has an important post excoriating the increasingly common practice of letting politicians and officials say whatever they want without having to disclose their identity, and granting anonymity without sound journalist reasons. Greenwald has been on this case for some time now, and while I have tended in the past to see it as business as usual in Washington his outrage has convinced me it is a very important issue. While the New York Times' habit of explaining why anonymity is given often seems hackneyed, we clearly need journalists to justify it in every case.

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Richard said...

I feel sympathy for Roxanna Saberi being imprisoned in Iran, but to be quite honest, only because she is female and pretty.

She was operating without any journalist's credentials.

In most countries she would have been quietly murdered for spying,

I don't condone that solution; just note that that is the usual answer.