Friday, May 22, 2009

Jared Diamond and the New Yorker: Columbia Journalism Review weighs in

Last week I previewed my Science story about the $10 million lawsuit against Jared Diamond and the New Yorker by two men from Papua New Guinea who allege that they were defamed by a story Diamond wrote in the magazine last year.

Today Columbia Journalism Review online columnist Craig Silverman discusses the journalistic implications of the affair and makes numerous references to my story. Give it a read. One issue Silverman raises is why other media outlets have not yet covered the lawsuit, which does seem of interest from multiple viewpoints.

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Anne Gilbert said...

I'm not sure what all these developments do for anthropology, journalism, or Jared Diamond. But I'm not sure how. At the very least, it sounds like Dr. Diamond was incredibly careless somewhere. Or maybe it was his subject. I really, honestly don't know.
Anne G