Monday, June 22, 2009

Can we outlaw leaf blowers everywhere?

A waste of fossil fuels, a waste of human energy, and quite frankly, a scam on those people who can afford gardeners because these guys spend all their time blowing leaves around (I have observed this many times) and running up the timeclock--which would be fine except the rest of us suffer from noise and greenhouse gas pollution. And can someone tell me why having a few leaves here and there on the grass is so terrible?

Something else that should be abolished. Israeli "settlements" in the West Bank. Tony Judt makes the case today in a New York Times opinion piece, although he provides little hope that it will ever happen.


Woody said...
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Leaf blowers' fan said...

I don't get you guys. It's not like these devices are so noisy, especially the electric or the new gas powered ones.

And they're not just about blowing things, their have a vacuum mode also that gathers the debriefs and stores them in a pack.

As for the leafs on the grass. I believe you don't have a lawn with lots of trees to see how hard it is to keep it clean... And leaving those leaves there is not a solution, as they will rot and stink. Not to mention that you can also be fined if you don't take care of your yard.

Am i right or not? I know i'm right but please correct me if you can :)

Anonymous said...

try walking a baby to sleep in a stroller. try going outside for peace. try to breathe when one is in use nearby. have you notice most landscapers use the same gear as nascar pit crews and airport traffic control?

and don't forget about the birds. i have noticed the birds communicate at night now.

it's very stressful trying to enjoy the great outdoors when leaf blowers are in use.

Air blower system said...

Leaf blowers are versatile machines that can make your autumn cleanup much easier. Leaf blowers are typically self contained handheld units, or backpack mounted units with a handheld wand. The latter is more ergonomic for prolonged use.

Anonymous said...

The problem with leaf blowers is that people who use them are mindlessly running their engines blowing tiny bits of leaves around, which will blow right back onto the patio soon as the wind picks up. That's what rattles me, that they are loud and noisy and smelly and wasteful, and they NEVER STOP.

Moderne-aire said...

These blowers are terrible on so many levels.The decibel level is equal to a airplane flying over or a motorcycle driving by and can be heard a block away.,the gas blowers expell as much harmful green house gasses per small tank as a car traveling 350 miles.The dust clouds generated contain pesticides, pollens and animal fecal matter causing irrittating poisonous cataminated air.All this to blow a few leaves off the grass or side walk something that would take a few minutes with a rake or broom.
These misguided illconceived contraptions need to be banned!

Jaime Vazquez said...

I can't be leave that there are pepole making a big deal from a leaf blower but then here we have airplanes flying all over the world dumping fuemes all over the air o wait lawnmowers cutting grass ever where o wait trains all over the world dumping fumes ever where o I forgot ships all over the sea dumping waste in the ocean o I forgot trucks driving are foods and other supply's and what about up north snowblowers u mean I can keep on and on and on and here we have pepole saying a leafblower is a problem come on now it's a joke like I say man kind is the worst thing for this world anything that man kind touchs it's a problem save your self the time and go and right a page how ever town and state is taking down all of are trees down to build more homes cause the rich pepole needs ten homes cause there not happy with one home or how people that work for the government has to drive a car from tax payers money !! I can't be leave that here u have pepole making a big deal on a leaf blower funny what about if u had to rake a yard with a bad back cause if u don't your town will fine u or up north if u don't clean your drive way from a snow storm u get a fine I mean I can right a book on how up this world is getting it's like your freedom is getting taking away bit by bit or let's say u are not rich and u have too wake up and go too work to pay for a peace of land that u bought but u can't do nothing that u want without the town being up your u no what that's sad but if u know pepole that work for the town then your ok or if your rich u buy your way out .. And here we have a lame leaf blower becoming a big deal that's so sad like I say stand up for yourself !! I mean am a person that I like to recycle or fix something before I just go and buy a new one cause u can't spend ten min on checking if u can fix it or look it up too see if u can fix it that's how I do things but am not going to be a ass to others cause there using a leaf blower sad very sad how this world is getting !!! Like I tell others the poor pepole is who pays for the changes that this country does it's the poor I call myself poor and I own a house and am not in the street beginning for a dollar but I am not rich if I was I would help the pepole that really needed it but I can also I have kids too so I understand what some comments are trying to say but come on it's anywhere u go it's a problem .. This is my way of saying how I feel no one needs too agree or dis agree !!!!

adela ucar said...
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Brianna said...
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