Monday, June 15, 2009

Israelis not really all that worried about Iran's nukes?

Could it be that all the blather about a nuclear-armed Iran is just Israeli leaders' way of distracting us from the real matter at hand, the peace process with the Palestinians?

Suggestions this could be the case come from a Tel Aviv University poll reported by Ha'aretz yesterday, in which only a minority of Israeli respondents thought life would change very much if Iran got the bomb. Here is how the daily paper put it:

Only one in five Israeli Jews believes a nuclear-armed Iran would try to destroy Israel and most see life continuing as normal should the Islamic Republic get the bomb, an opinion poll published on Sunday found.

Read the rest at the link. Could it be that most Israelis know that Iranian President Ahmadinejad
never really threatened to "wipe Israel off the map"?

I will be back later with some thoughts on Netanyahu's speech, which the Obama administration so far is treating as some sort of breakthrough instead of the brilliant but transparent stalling tactic it really represents.

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