Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sasha and Malia: No more ice cream until Iran is free!

I know I'm coming in late on this, but I gather that the right-wing blogosphere has been going bananas because President Barack Obama took his daughters out for ice cream while demonstrators in Iran were fighting for democracy. Indeed! As a matter of fact, I think that Sasha and Malia should be denied treats of any sort until the current Iranian regime is overthrown. And why stop there? I will bet those girls are allowed to watch television while censorship reigns in China, to play Monopoly while the financial crisis is ruining our families, and to live in a nice big White House while some folks are homeless in the streets. Does Obama have no shame?

And please be assured that I am no hypocrite. I have just grounded my own teenage daughter and put her on a bread and water diet until Tibet is free.


Roxanne said...

Hilarious! Nice one, Michael.

Woody said...

That could be Iranian blood covering the ice cream. Not so funny, huh?

Balter, do you think that it's right to make a joke that involves a nation of people who are dying for freedom? Apparently.

You guys, and especially the press, crucified Bush for playing golf and have given Obama a special pass on that, too. And, guess what. At least Bush stopped playing during his presidency.

Obama doesn't even seem to be willing to pick up the phone at 3:00 AM unless he knows how the conversation "is going to play out."

jqb said...

"That could be Iranian blood covering the ice cream."

No, actually, it couldn't be, and even if it could be that would have no bearing on Mike's point.

"Balter, do you think that it's right to make a joke that involves a nation of people who are dying for freedom?"

It's called sarcasm, and it's not at the expense of the Iranian people -- it's directed at the bad behavior of people like you. Mike actually cares about the Iranian people and their freedom, whereas you are simply exploiting them here to form your misbegotten and misdirected criticism.

"have given Obama a special pass"

Look at Mike's quote of the day, and his numerous other criticisms of Obama, oh hypocrite, as you continue to defend Bush.

Michael Balter said...

Thanks for sticking up for, Bro!

Woody is a regular on Marc Cooper's blog (see my blogroll for the link) where he is the resident right-wingnut. What the far right does not seem to realize yet is that their viewpoint was repudiated by a resounding majority of Americans in the last election, based on 8 years of experience with its consequences. It was depressing to have someone like Woody actually in the White House all that time, but in the end most people did wake up. Those who didn't hang out on blogs like mine and Marc's.

btw I had to delete a racist comment that Woody made on another of my posts. My policy is to allow free speech on my blog as long as it is not a personal attack on me, other commenters, or entire groups of people.

Anne Gilbert said...


You should certainly delete derogatory comments. But otherwise, allow Woody to comment any way he likes. Because all his comments do is show how clueless he appears to be.