Friday, April 12, 2019

#MeToo reporter kicked out of archaeology meeting for his advocacy for victims

The following letter from the Society of American Archaeology exec dir Oona Schmid, after a very short telephone call with her and president-elect Joe Watkins. I had been invited to participate in a #MeToo in Archaeology panel this Saturday. The situation arose when I raised concerns about the presence at the meeting of David Yesner, found guilty in a Title IX proceeding of sexual misconduct, who is here at the meeting to the great distress of his victims also here.

Dear Mr. Balter,

As we just discussed, I appreciate that you have been trying to reach SAA to discuss your concerns. I would like to set up a telephone call with you to understand your concerns fully and I suggest that Thurs 4/18 is a possible date at my end if you can suggest at time that is convenient for you.

As much as I recognize that you are trying to share your concerns, your calls are not appropriate. Given the nature of this outreach, SAA must withdraw your 2019 conference registration per our Standard of Conduct Policy. I will arrange for you to receive a refund as soon as possible. Please refrain from attending the rest of the conference including your participation in Saturday's session. 

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation and I look forward to hearing more details about your concerns when we talk next week. 

Oona Schmid
Executive Director
Society for American Archaeology
Office: 202-789-8200
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April 10 – 14, 2019
Albuquerque, NM
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Update today April 12:

A story about these events in The Scientist and the statement below:

Please see the following statement issued today by the Alaska Anthropological Association.
Dear Members of the Alaska Anthropological Association,
The Alaska Anthropological Association serves to build collaborations between researchers and communities, support best practices in the field of anthropology, and foster a culture of respect between professional colleagues and students within a safe and supportive environment. Based on the unethical behavior of Dr. David Yesner while employed at the University of Alaska Anchorage, and in line with a statement issued by UAA on 4/8/19, the Board of Directors for the Alaska Anthropological Association passed a unanimous motion on 4/10/19 to the following actions regarding Dr. Yesner:
1) The Professional Achievement Award presented by the Alaska Anthropological Association in 2014 is hereby revoked.
2) Membership in the Alaska Anthropological Association is prohibited.
3) Participation in the Annual Meeting of the Alaska Anthropological Association and/or any events or activities sponsored or hosted by the Alaska Anthropological Association is prohibited.
Alaska Anthropological Association Board of Directors
Amy Phillips-Chan, President
Morgan Blanchard, Vice-President
Joshua Lynch, Secretary
Phoebe Gilbert, Awards and Scholarships
Sam Coffman, Publications
Britteny Howell, External Affairs


Sian Halcrow said...

I am so disappointed in this. You should not be silenced #metoo

Ken said...

Evolution, be it social or biological, is normally thought of as a slow process. This is an excellent example of social media forcing the progressional lurches defined by punctuated equilibrium. So glad I followed @DrKillgrove and will do likewise to you Mr. Balter. Good luck.

Michael Balter said...

Thanks to you both.