Don't even think about trying to steal this election

I am sure most readers of this blog have read the numerous news stories about problems with voter registration lists, voting machines, etc. that are already cropping up across the country. CNN's Web site has a roundup of these problems and some specific examples that make it clear such worries could be well founded--especially the continual attempts by Republican operatives and secretaries of state to try to purge as many voters as they can from election rolls (particularly newly registered voters likely to go for Obama), not to mention more insidious techniques that seem to be in play.

So I am sure that I speak for tens of millions of people when I say that this time, unlike in 2000, we will not just sit by and allow the 2008 election to be stolen. If there is even a hint of such a thing in any state, we will fight it in the courts and if need be in the streets.

Election thieves, you have been warned.

They refused to attack. Talking Points Memo reports that dozens of call center workers walked off the job rather than read scripts attacking Obama.

Of overhead projectors and bears. I blogged earlier on both of these dumb remarks by McCain during the debates (see links in bold), and today (October 28) the Los Angeles Times carries an opinion piece by Lawrence Krauss of Arizona State University on the Republican candidate's scientific errors.

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Richard Parker said…
Thieves won in 2000, and again in 2004. There is no reason to think they haven't improved their methods in 2008.