Barack the Magic Negro

Yesterday's New York Times carried an editorial about the split in Republican ranks over the "Barack the Magic Negro" song. Entitled "Talk About Out of Touch," the editorial recalls the various race-baiting tactics used against Obama during the presidential election campaign and then says the following:

We thought after all that — and, oh yes, losing the election — everyone in the Republican Party leadership would have figured out that race-baiting alienates young, minority and all reasonable voters.

Clearly, not everyone has.

The Times finds that unfortunate, and concludes:

Maybe they like the hole their party is standing in and want to dig it even deeper. That’s their right, but it does the country no good.

Well, personally, I think it does the country a whole lot of good, for precisely the reasons stated: It ensures that the Republicans will remain the party of the rich white men (and women) who got us into all of our current messes, and it insures that Obama will have 8 years to do his best to set the country on a different path. This is also why I am supporting Sarah Palin for president in 2012.

Obama is not magical, and certainly not a savior, but his election has created the conditions that allow Americans with some sense of history and vision the best chance they have had in generations to remake this country. The weaker and more discredited the opposition to that progressive agenda, the better. Rave on, Republicans!

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Anne Gilbert said…
What the Republican Party is doing now, with this "Barack the Magic Negro" thing is almost as appalling and disgusting in its way as what the Israelis continue to do in Gaza. Worse, they have learned absolutely nothing from this election. And they will continue to learn nothing, by the looks of things. I think it is this aspect that the New York Times was editorializing about. And if the people who continue to call themselves Republicans don't do something about this, yes, the party will continue to be run by rich white people who got us into this mess, but fortunately, I don't think people will listen to them for very much longer.
Anne G
LL said…
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