Heads up before dressing up

According to an Associated Press item that has circulated widely the past couple of days, an auto industry consultant named Andrew Jones has created a Web site called www.dressregistry.com where attendees at high society events can check and make sure no one else is wearing the same dress they are. This would help fashion victims like Laura Bush, who showed up at a Kennedy Center event in 2006 wearing the same Oscar de la Renta dress (photo at right) that (gasp! choke!) three other ladies were also wearing!

I am thinking about starting a Web site devoted to rehabilitating those people who think this kind of thing is important (although there is little I can do about the fact that most of the afflicted are people with more money than they know what to do with.) On the other hand, perhaps bloggers could benefit from a similar service: Before saying exactly what thousands of other bloggers have already said, we could check a Web site to see whether someone got there before us with the same words of wisdom.

What's that you say? Such a service already exists? And it's called "Google"?

Never mind!

Photo: Courtesy of The White House.

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