Why chimps don't have language--maybe.

On Science's Origins blog, I write about a new study that might shed new light on the differences between chimp and human brains in a region closely associated with language, Broca's area. But the jury is still out on the study's true significance. Read it at the link.

Credit: Patrick Hof.

Anger has its place. An important column in today's New York Times by Bob Herbert, who takes vehement issue with attempts to smooth over the racism that was behind the arrest of Henry Louis Gates Jr.

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Anne Gilbert said…
I really like Bob Herbert. And I think he's right, because apparently no matter what they do, blacks and other "minorities"(and this includes Muslims, IMO), they can't do anything right. President Obama was criticized for saying the cop acted "stupidly", and then he sort of backtracked. Gates yelled at the cop for not believing Gates was who he was, in his own home, and people reacted, etc., etc., etc., and yet people are saying we're "post racial", whatever that's supposed to mean. We aren't. And I wish Herbert's column ran in our only local newspaper. . . .
Anne G
jqb said…
Frank Rich also wrote an excellent column: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/08/02/opinion/02rich.html