Obama says don't be stupid--conservatives object!

Have you been wondering why so many American rightwingers have gone ballistic over President Obama addressing the nation's schoolchildren and urging them to stay in school, work hard, and get a good education? I have, but the reason seems pretty obvious: Without ignorance and stupidity, reactionary and right wing ideas would have little staying power.

Study hard, kids!

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Anne Gilbert said…
On Monday, I printed out a copy of the speech Obama gave to school kids. I was just absolutely amazed at (a) how inspiring it was, and (b) how absolutely innocuous it was. It's just unbelievable to me, at least, that some people would rather have their children wallow in ignrance, than listen to a perfectly reasonable speech, even if they disagree, politically, with the giver of the speech.
FlowerBell said…
I hope all you brain-dead leftist are happy with what you've unleashed on the American people.
We tried to warn you. We were screaming from the rooftops that this man was not presidential material but you had to have your first black president, that's all that mattered.
People as shallow and vapid as you should not be allowed to vote.