The Palestinians are surrounded

Sometimes visual aids are necessary to see just what the Israelis are up to in Jerusalem and the West Bank. This map and the legend below are from the BBC.

1 Gilo:
850 homes approved for publication and planning objections in Nov 2009
2 Pisgat Zeev: 600 homes approved for publication and planning objections in Jan 2010
3 Sheikh Jarrah: Several Palestinian families evicted in past 18 months to make way for Jewish settlers after court ruled in ownership dispute
4 Ramat Shlomo: 1,600 homes approved for publication and planning objections in Mar 2010
5 Silwan: Demolition orders on 88 Palestinian homes built without difficult-to-get permits - Israel planning controversial renewal project
6. West Bank barrier: Making Palestinian movement between West Bank and Jerusalem harder - Israel says it's for security

Now, a word from me: It is hard not to conclude that the "peace process" has failed because Israel neither needs, nor perhaps even wants, peace. Israel does not need peace because it has been successful in suppressing nearly all Palestinian resistance with the military hardware that the United States largely pays for; and it does not want peace because Palestinian resistance, and occasional terrorism, provides the excuse Israel needs to continue its oppressive policies and its collective punishment of the Gaza and West Bank populations.

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Anne Gilbert said…
I read your piece on what the Israeli government is doing, yesterday. This piece on Jewish settlements surrounding Palestinian ones, just reenforces the thrust of your article yesterday. Personally, I think the Israeli government should be treated as just that -- another government, not something "special" which is not to be touched. Fortunately, I think a lot f people are coming to realize that. In the long run, this would be better for everybody, ordinary Israelis included. But I also think this change of attitude will be a long process.
Anne g
Diane Stranz said…
Amen, I totally agree with you, and I'm glad Jimmy Carter had the cahunas to write his book "Palestine: Peace not Apartheid."

Chaim Potok in his fictional novel "The Chosen" has an Orthodox Hasidim character state that Jews should not have anything to do with the modern nation-state of Israel because it 'is a man-made country put together by men, using political strategies of men, for the purposes of men' and is not in any way the work of God. He emphasized that there was nothing holy about Jews living in Israel unless God had led them there using His tactics, not 'man's.'

Clearly Potok's character was on to something, because the way the Israeli's conduct their affairs give inescapable credence to the idea that there is nothing holy about Israel the modern nation-state.

Diane Stranz
Anonymous said…
Gaza needs to be burned, like Dresden, and for much the same reason. Gaza is now ruled by a government publicly committed to genocide.

Israel does not need peace, but rather the abolition of Gaza, and with it the whole idea of a two state solution. A one state solution including the former West Bank, with all Arab residents therein starting out as permanent residents in Israel, will solve the problem permanently.

Individually, the permanent resident Arabs can apply for citizenship, which can be granted on a case by case basis. Most likely, very few of them will take that option, as their fellow Arabs will kill them for it. This is OK too, as it allows Israel to offer full equality without ever worrying about whether the Arabs in the West Bank will take it.

So, the steps are:

1) Burn Gaza

2) Abolish the PA

3) Declare the one state and annex the West bank

4) Allow individual Arabs to apply for citizenship.

Best of all, Israel does not need any one's support or permission to execute this program. Assuming the US halts all foreign aid to Israel, the country would then be free to pursue its interests unrestrained by US efforts.

With Israel well along the way to producing Fusion bombs, the Iran problem will be resolved quickly, turning the country into a great sea of irradiated glass. No different than Gaza, really, just a scaled up version of the same problem.

War is cruel and you cannot refine it. It is everything devils could desire. But, contrary to what the Big Peace movement claims, violence solves problems. If you doubt it, go ask the city fathers of Carthage - or Hiroshima.
Anonymous said…
Several erros here:

* The 'chassidic' Jews are mere juden. No accident they formed the bulk of who was killed during WW2. In contrast, the Danes acted as they did because the Jews had completely acculturated. What they say is no longer relevant to how Jews wish to live.

* Israel gets about $3 billion a year. By law, it must be spent in the US. Think of i as yet another subsidy to the US arms industry

* Israel is phasing out the M16-4-15 weapons line for something far more advanced, the Tavor bullpup design. The massive export success of the prduct will enable Israel to hit an internal cost point below what it currently faces for SUS arms. The US small arms platform is over fifty years old at this point and is still behind the Ak74.

* US receives alot for its $3 billion a year. Benefits include access to intelligence, equipment, and force project otherwise not possible at any where near 3 billion a year. Of course, the US could choose to withdraw its money at any time. Israel would then be free to pursue its interests without constraint. Its new allies - Egypt, Saudi, Jordan, and UAE, would certainyl approve Israel's use of fission bombs on Iranian targets.

No, all in all $3 billion is a very reasonable bribe, such as these things are measured.