Goldstone was right about Gaza

That's according to a Human Rights Watch report on the Israeli operation "Cast Lead," available at this link. Read it and weep.

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Anonymous said…
Haven't you heard of Krylov's fable about the cockeril that praises the singing of the cuckoo bird, while the cuckoo bird praises the cockeril's call?

HRW was the primary "supplier" of material to Goldstone (who was a member of HRW board, so clear conflict of interest there, but who counts, he was against Apratheid, he must be OK then, hey wait, he sent blacks to the gallows and had them wipped, wellm never mind, he's against Israel. so it's OK), and now both are singing the praise of each-other.

And Balter, ther is no need to weep. HRW was discredited by its own founder, by the bizzarre departure (with an "omerta" about the reasons) of its most senior "military expert" (Marc Garlasco who admitted killing 27 Afgan civilan deaths for each militant and that this was considered acceptable, but not for Israel with at the most 1:1) who was key to the reports against Israel and who admitted once that he was wrong in unreservedly blaming Israel(eg the Gaza Beach incident) only to be gagged and retracted by HRW.

I am, as you can see a supporters of Israel, but I do read the other side's argumentation, if you are a fairminded person, look at the other side without foaming at the mouth, for example, here:

Anonymous said…
Dear Balter,

you have zero comments on this post and yet, you do not publish mine, even though it had no profanities and even no unproven facts, innuendoes and allegations, so I have to conclude that you do not publish it becasue you simply can not stand opposite opinion.

What does it say about your convictions and their underlying truth?

Anonymous said…
I wonder don't they remember how they were treated in Europe by Hitler and before that. And now they are doing the same to Palestenians who gave some place to live.And the world does not see it. If someone I Don't like commit a crime America and Europe Invade the country and destory the civilization.when Isreal does it gives blind eye and says self defence.