US To Gaza

There is a lot of excitement building over this fall's planned wave of boats to Gaza, including one from New York organized by USTOGAZA. The sponsors of the American effort include a roster of leading progressives. Some of my personal favorites include Russell Banks, Phyllis Bennis, Henry and Kathleen Chalfant, Rachel Corrie's parents, Rashid Khalidi, Michael Ratner, Alice Walker, Blase Bonpane, Len Weinglass, and David Zirin. Just so you will know you are in good company if you decide to donate, which you can do on the home page.

The momentum against Israeli brutality towards the Palestinians is building at a rate unimaginable even a year ago. I will be in New York this fall and plan to be there to see the boat off. I hope you will join me, at least in spirit and with your donations to this essential cause.

Photo: Gaza harbor.

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