Obama's betrayal on "Don't Ask Don't Tell" comes home to roost

What will the Obama Justice Department do now that the Senate has pretty much killed repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"? Will it continue to defend the law in the courts--using the lame excuse that it is obligated to do so--or embrace a federal court ruling that it is discriminatory and unconstitutional?

To put it another way: Is the Obama administration's position that bigotry against gays is okay if Congress approves it, but not okay if our legislators vote against it? Is bigotry against gays a civil rights issue or not?

Few today would argue that Congress has the right to decide whether African-Americans or other groups have the right to vote, attend integrated schools, etc. But the Obama administration is taking that position when it comes to gay rights. And for that, it deserves all the contempt it is receiving from those who know better.

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