Jewish Voice for Peace

One of the most important organizations fighting against the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands, Jewish Voice for Peace, finally got the recognition it deserved from the New York Times the other day, in an article entitled "A Jewish Group Makes Waves, Locally and Abroad," by Daniel Ming and Aaron Glantz. As a sometimes advocacy journalist, especially where political issues are involved, I am proud to be a member of JVP's New York chapter.

The video above is a montage from JVP's December 10 nation-wide events in furtherance of its campaign to get TIAA-CREF to divest its pension funds from corporations involved in the Israeli occupation--most notably Caterpillar, which provides most of the bulldozers used to destroy Palestinian homes and other buildings.

By the way, although JVP is made up mostly of Jews fed up with Israeli policies, non-Jews are most definitely welcome in the organization. I hope you will consider joining.

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