Many are the ways...

... that Israel has sought to cleanse the West Bank of its Palestinians and steal their land.

Yesterday a story in Haaretz by Akiva Eldar detailed how Israel authorities stripped the residency status from 140,000 Palestinians between 1967 and 1994. The details are in a document the newspaper obtained under Israel's Freedom of Information Law; basically their residency permits were cancelled if they stayed abroad for too long, but they were not warned that would happen.

The Guardian also carries the story; should I hold my breath until a major US media outlet covers it also, like the New York Times? Or just let my breath out with a sigh?

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Photo: The Allenby Bridge. AFP/Getty Images

Afterthought. All is not bleak, however. CUNY's reversal of its decision to revoke Tony Kushner's honorary degree is a sign that the Israel lobby's power is waning.

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