President Dick Cheney

If you did not listen to Terry Gross' "Fresh Air" interview with Barton Gellman on NPR last week, I would urge you to take the trouble to do so--and to eventually read his new book, "Angler: The Cheney Vice Presidency," which was the subject of the interview.

In the interview, Gellman provides a wealth of detail to support a conclusion that many of us had already reached: During the past 8 years, Dick Cheney has in effect been President of the United States. In one episode that Gellman relates, regarding cuts in capital gains taxes, Cheney actually sabotaged a decision that Bush had already arrived at; and Gellman also provides fresh new interviews and sources on how Cheney misled both the public and members of his own Republican Party on the justification for the war in Iraq.

I don't know about you, but I find it important to have the maximum amount of information even when I think I already know something. I thought I knew that Cheney had really been the President, but I know it even more now.

A good review of the Gellman book: By Tim Rutten in the September 24 Los Angeles Times.

Troopergate Update: CNN reports that a leading Alaskan Republican legislator says the investigation should go on, discounts charges that it is some sort of Democratic Party witch hunt.

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Richard Parker said…
Cheney has been VP - Ventriloquist to the President, for eight years now, while American 'democrats' slumbered.