Sarah Palin in 2012!

I can't believe how much the television media are talking about this. Great idea! Who better to energize that incredible shrinking Republican base and make sure that Obama serves two terms? I confess that I have a vested interest in the outcome, as I will be of retirement age during Obama's second term and don't want anyone trying to privatize Social Security--remember that brilliant Bush administration initiative? Had it passed, I would be stocking up on dog food right now before Purina goes bankrupt.

Of course Sarah will need a running mate to balance out the ticket. How about Rudy Giuliani?

Get your Palin paraphernalia at this link.

Obama and Afghanistan. The Tuesday November 11 Washington Post has an interesting article on changes that Obama and his advisers are considering in the war against the Taliban. Mistakes in Afghanistan could wreck Obama's presidency, so this bears careful watching.

Whatever happened to the white working class? New Yorker writer George Packer asks that question in his blog Interesting Times. And while we are on the subject, when is Hillary Clinton going to publicly admit that she was wrong about all that?

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jqb said…
The American people have a better idea; from

Two-thirds of voters saw the “Saturday Night Live” election parodies during the campaign season and 10 percent said the program had an influence on their vote. Asked whether they would prefer Alaska Gov. Saran Palin (R) or actress Tina Fey — who portrayed Palin on the show, to hilarious effect — as vice president, 51 percent said Fey.
Jeff Meredith said…
Having Palin head the Republican ticket in 2012 would be the best possible thing that could happen. I'm fairly sure Obama would reach 400 electoral votes under that scenario.
Anne Gilbert said…
I'm kind of inclined to agree with Jeff Meredith here. I mean, if the Republican Party wants to walk over a cliff, led by Sarah Palin, in 2012, we should perhaps not stand in their way.
Anne G