I want to call the attention of readers to what I think is one of the best, if not the best, blogs on the Middle East and Israel-Palestine in particular: Mondoweiss, a project of The Nation Institute. Mondoweiss is essential for those who want to remain informed about what is going on in that region. It not only provides a roundup of news and sources that are easy to miss, but its sharp-eyed and perceptive contributors routinely hit the mark in exposing Israeli hypocrisy and that of those who would defend the "Jewish state's" indefensible oppression of the Palestinians.

Just one small example: A post yesterday, by James North, pointing out that the New York Times seems to have an aversion to mentioning the name of Emily Henochowicz, the young artist at Cooper Union in New York City who lost an eye to an Israeli tear gas canister. Be sure to subscribe to Mondoweiss, for information and comment you really need to have.

Update: Mondoweiss reports on a Jewish flotilla being organized against the Gaza blockade.

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Anonymous said…
Mondoweis is only the "best" blog on the Middle East if you are a raving antisemite. Parental control software and other malware apps block Mondoweis as a recognized "hate site". It is brimming with malicious, unfounded, slanderous, untrue allegations against American Jews, other Jews and the state of Israel. Mondoweis mostly serves to satisfy it's small band of followers - some of whom are inter-married and proudly self-hating Jews. When it comes to facts, Mondoweis fares so poorly that it has richly deserved it's nickname - MondoLies. If that's the kind of material you enjoy, then go gobble it up.