Curtis Cost: A danger to the African-American community

I don't post often about the AIDS denialist movement--those who argue that HIV does not cause AIDS--but a particularly egregious example of the dishonesty of some of its practitioners came across my desk today.

Curtis Cost, author of "Vaccines Are Dangerous" and an associated blog, demonstrated his ignorance of the HIV field by posting an item about a 1997 study by Nancy Padian, an AIDS researcher at the University of California, San Francisco. The title of Cost's post is "Dr. Nancy Padian Study Proves HIV Is Not Sexually Transmitted."

You have to read the post, and the paper (which can be found at this link on Cost's blog), to see how fully and totally Cost misrepresents it. In fact, the study comes to the exact opposite conclusion, and also provides evidence that condoms are very effective in preventing HIV transmission.

Cost's post says that this study was "discussed" at the recent Harlem AIDS Forum 2, although it is not clear what was said about it. But to know what Nancy Padian says about the stunning misuse of her work by AIDS denialists, one need go no further than this link:

Indeed, mis-citing the Padian paper is apparently a common scam by AIDS denialists too dishonest to use actual scientific arguments for their case. And Cost, who claims to be concerned about the effects that vaccines and AIDS tests have on the African-American community, actually poses a serious danger to that community by misrepresenting Padian's work to argue that heterosexual transmission of HIV is some kind of myth--thus by implication discouraging the use of condoms and other protections.

The AIDS denialists can't win on the science, so they use lies. Thus it has been from the beginning of the AIDS denialist movement, thus it continues today.

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"reg" said…
Michael - OT, but I thought of you, and some of what you've been saying, when I read this piece from the old SDS "godfather", Dick Flacks:
Part 1

Michael B:

My current book: Vaccines Are Dangerous, has an extensive chapter on AIDS with extensive references for anyone to review. My book is endorsed by doctors, scientists, nutritionists, scholars and authors. I have over 20 endorsements. My endorsers include Dr. Gary Null (author, radio host), Celia Farber (AIDS Journalists), Robert Giraldo MD (Specialist in infectious diseases) and many others. They consider the research I have done into the subject to be responsible and worthy of their endorsements. On my blog page entitled: About the Book, you can read what they had to say about my book. My credibility is established. You on the other hand have failed to establish any credibility. You have been unable to respond to any of my points or questions. Your lame excuse about my supposedly not understanding, is nothing less than an admission that you can’t answer those questions. I did not ask you about the HIV test, randomly. I already knew the answer. I also knew that you could not answer the question without admitting that the HIV tests are worthless. Of course, admitting that the HIV tests are worthless would also mean that all claims of sexual transmission of HIV are also worthless, because they are all based on the HIV tests. I even provided a reference from the medical journal, Bio-Technology in which the scientists explain in great detail why the HIV tests are worthless and that is because no HIV virus has ever been isolated. Here it is again: (Bio/Technology Vol.11 June 1993 , Is a Positive Western Blot Proof of HIV Infection? Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos, Valendar F. Turner and John M. Papadimitriou Are you going to say that these scientists don’t understand either and that you know more than they do?

You started off this attack on me by providing this link:
( It contains a short article supposedly written by Nancy Padian. I questioned whether she actually wrote it for two reasons, 1). I could not find the medical journal reference where she published this 2). She contradicts what she wrote in her own study. In the link you provided, Padian supposedly said that the use of condoms and safe sex practices was the sole reason for the lack of sexual transmission of HIV based on positive test results:

“Specifically, discordant couples were strongly counseled to use condoms and practice safe sex (1,12). That we witnessed no HIV transmissions after the intervention documents the success of the interventions in preventing the sexual transmission of HIV. The sentence in the Abstract reflects this success – nothing more, nothing less. “

Her study on the other hand reported the exact opposite:

“No transmission occurred among the 25 percent of couples who did not use condoms consistently at their last follow-up nor among the 47 couples who intermittently practiced unsafe sex during the entire duration of follow-up.” (American Journal of Epidemiology, Vol. 146, No. 4, p. 356)

This is a huge contradiction! It is clear and in black and white for everyone in the world to see. Yet, you Michael, with all of your supposedly superior understanding of this subject, failed to address this contradiction.
Part 2
Michael B:

In my most recent post, I have a Youtube clip of Dr. Gary Null Interviewing Dr. Peter Duesberg, one of the world’s leading virologists. In that interview, Dr. Duesberg states:
“We have no disease for HIV…it is not contagious.” If HIV is not contagious, that means that it is not a sexually transmitted disease. Michael, do you feel that you know more about viruses than Dr. Peter Duesberg? Is he also so uninformed that you can not respond to what he said?

Michael when I started researching this topic 20 years ago, I assumed that everything that the medical establishment was telling the public was true. Only after many years of carefully looking at the facts and contradictions did I change my view. I assume that you have at least done some research into the subject and are aware of the same contradictions that I am, nonetheless you persist in pushing this HIV myth even though you know that no HIV virus has ever been isolated, that the HIV tests are worthless in the absence of a purified sample of HIV, and that the recommended drugs like AZT are deadly. What you are doing is monstrous! You know it, and everyone who has researched this topic objectively know it. Everyone who has read my book know it. You can’t trick informed people with your misinformation. I will not rest until African people in America and around the world get this information and their eyes are opened and people like you are exposed for what you really are!
Mariam said…
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