I shall sup from your skull

Some people, such as the Aghori sect of India, still do this today. As I report today on Science's online news service, the practice of making skull cups--and drinking or eating from them--goes back to Upper Paleolithic times, at least 15,000 years ago. Here's the first paragraph to get you started:

CHEDDAR GORGE, UNITED KINGDOM—How do you make a drinking cup out of a human skull? It's fairly easy if you have some sharp tools—and a strong stomach. Scalp the head; remove the ears, eyes, lower jaw, and other pesky parts; and buff the jagged edges. Voilà! You've got a skull cup fit to toast your friends or your enemies.

Photo: Natural History Museum, London

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Rob said…
Great article Michael. Just kinda glad there's been some evolution of utensils.