Was Charlie Hebdo obsessed with Islam? A study by two sociologists says "non"

Yesterday's issue of Le Monde featured an opinion piece by two sociologists, who looked at the cartoon covers of Charlie Hebdo over a period of 10 years (see graph at right.) Contrary to what many commenters have said (especially in the United States), their exhaustive study showed that only a small percentage of covers involved Islam (7% strictly about Islam.) Three times as many covers targeted Christianity. The main focus of the publication was on political figures.

The two sociologists also conclude, as most people in France know, that Charlie Hebdo was a left-leaning, anti-racist publication, albeit very rude and irreverent in the way it expressed itself. I would add a personal observation: Charlie Hebdo did not target Muslims or Christians, nor their religious beliefs; instead it rightfully took aim at the hypocrites who would justify their outrageous acts under the cloak of religious belief. That might have offended some people, but the right to offend people is fundamental to free speech.

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Anonymous said…
Interesting. But it looks like you got your maths wrong...
523 total articles analyzed.
Roughly 7% (38) of 523 had religion as a main theme.
Seven of those 38 had Islam as a main theme.
Therefore, about 1.3% of the articles from 2005 to 2015 contained Islam as a main theme.
Jose M Hilario said…
Amazing information, good post. Saw this on Atheism is Unstoppable (youtube channel). #JeSuisCharlie
Jose M Hilario said…
Also the guy above me is correct: the right number is 1.3%