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"The Weary Newsboy" by New York City artist James Henry Cafferty (1819-1869)

After more than five years of writing about little other than #MeToo investigations (and the controversies they have generated) I've decided to branch out into other topics. For that purpose, I have started a Substack newsletter entitled "Words for the Wise." It will range from politics to culture to art to science (especially anthropology and archaeology) and pretty much anywhere my interests (and those of readers) take me.

Please check it out at this link, and think about subscribing: Just $5/month or $50/year, with a 60 day free sub on offer to all new readers.

This blog will continue to serve as the main platform for my #MeToo reporting and all the knock-on effects of it, and it will continue to be free of course. So I look forward to continuing the discussions here, and also seeing everyone over at Substack.

Note: Due to current events on the litigation front, comments on that subject are being suspended at least for the moment. Please check back for updates.

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