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The past two weeks have seen a wide mix of topics on "Words for the Wise," which is what the newsletter is all about: Everything from science to politics to travel to controversies of all sorts. Below are the highlights. And don't forget the 60 day trial subscription special offer, risk free!

Journalism, politics, and #MeToo.

Are journalistic ethics ready for prime time? A commentary on Andrew Cuomo's resignation and his brother's behind-the-scenes drafting of the governor's responses to sexual harassment allegations. That's a serious no-no according to journalism's leading Code of Ethics. Will CNN do anything about it?

SLAPP and anti-SLAPP: Netflix hits back at Alan Dershowitz. Dershowitz continues to insist he did not have sex with Virginia Roberts Giuffre when she was a teenager, at the instigation of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. Netflix let them both talk in its documentary about Epstein; was that just too much free speech for the famed First Amendment advocate?

Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, Julie K. Brown, Felicia Sonmez, and how the media has mucked up #MeToo coverage. A review of Julie K. Brown's new book, "Perversion of Justice," and the many issues it raises.

Spirit of Place.

Free at last in the new Slovakia. I was there for the fall of Communism. There was freedom in the air, until it became clear that this also meant the rise of capitalism.

The White Mosques of Jerba. There are 300 mosques on this Tunisian island. A short tour.

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