The latest on Ran Boytner, former executive director of the Institute for Field Research

For those who have followed the events of the past year or two concerning the Institute for Field Research and its former director, a colleague writes with the following information. For those not up to speed on this, please search "Boytner" on this blog; for legal reasons I am limited in how much linking to past posts I can and want to do. I have slightly edited the following to keep it factual without commentary.

"The website of Twin Cairns, Ran Boytner’s new company, is up and running:

Boytner’s record at UCLA and IFR is probably why his name is nowhere to be found on the website. (For details see previous posts on this blog.) The investors would doubtless want to keep it this way.

Except that Twin Cairns is managed by Anthropocene Trust:

And Ran Boytner is the Director of Anthropocene Trust: "

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Anonymous said…
He is using one scheme to recruit for another
Project Manager/Part Time/Anthropocene Trust/United States/$35- $45 / hour/This is a project manager position at the Anthropocene Trust. The project manager will oversee grant requests and help the Director in the selection of worthy applications for funding.

Listing expired August 29. Young females who applied should be(a)ware.

Anonymous said…

Take a look at their Page Source

Looks like he is using images from this 2019 IFR field school

Can’t find it now, but someone commented a while ago that he’s using IFR photos also on his other websites. I betya that despite everything that happened they are all still in cahoots.
Anonymous said…
Mr. Balter,
I follow you on Tweeter for some time, and noticed that you tweeted today about Kurin supporting Ran Boytner who was terminated from @IFR for “breach of trust.” You may be interested then to learn that he is actively pointing colleagues towards his new venture: Centre for Field Sciences (CFS).
As many of us now know, Boytner was credibly accused and/or found responsible for sexual misconduct at UCLA and IFR. The CFS board of directors are either unaware or do not care.
Is there something we can do to alert students and faculty?
Anonymous said…
This morning, I received an email from an organization known as the Center For Field Sciences. As far as I know, I never signed up for emails from this website. When I clicked on the Constant Contact link, the email was apparently sent by an organization called Twin Cairns. The Center for Field Sciences appears to be yet another Ran Boytner field school scheme. I recognized the images and a lot of the language (EXCELLENCE!!) used on the website as being from the IFR website. I'm guessing that Ran Boytner is using the data that he allegedly stole from the IFR computers (mailing lists), images etc, to now spam people who were previously getting spammed by the IFR.
Anonymous said…
You are correct. To understand more how the Center For Field Sciences scheme (or scam) operates, see the latest comments on
Anonymous said…
Based on personal communication at the SAA meeting, Emily Holt stepped down (or was fired?) from her role as executive director of Ran Boytner’s new field school organization. She’s still listed as a board member, so not entirely out. This means that this bogus operation has zero staff members, even though everyone knows that Boytner pulls all the strings from behind the scenes.